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The Mixer Murder-And Other Detective Case Files

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What would you do if you found yourself in complete disagreement with your boss? How about even if you loved what you were doing—just didn’t love the boss?


Police Detective Lieutenant, Philip "Dancer" Mamba has to make the choice between going against what he knows is right by rushing to judgment in solving a case or standing up for his principles.


Mamba’s choice moves him out of law enforcement and into the world of the private detective. The Mixer Murder is the first Case File recounted in this inaugural Mamba Mystery volume. Walter Tanner is found dead of an apparent heart attack. Dancer Mamba feels otherwise. The Detective is forced to sleuth through a series of suspects from pregnant wife to business partner to ne’er-do-well relative to embezzling corporate accountant and an apartment full of clues including sugar and frayed light cords. His pathway to the solution of the mystery helps explain his nickname and his penchant for mental pictures of those little steel balls in a child's pocket puzzle. It looks so simple to get the ball in the clown's nose, but, every time you almost get it there, it’s going too fast, or not quite straight enough, and barely misses, only to roll around some more.

Case File #2, Once An Agent, finds now Private Investigator Mamba taking a case he really doesn’t want. When Jolene Fieldstone comes to the Detective asking for help in determining her brother’s actual cause of death, something the police don’t see a need for—after all, they’ve closed the case as an auto accident. As the evidence mounts, Mamba finds himself involved in trying to stop international terrorist attack on the Rose Bowl. Along the way, Hope Tanner, widow of the victim in Mixer Murder accepts Mamba’s marriage proposal from her hospital bed while recovering from injuries sustained in a bomb blast carried out by a double agent.


In the third Case File, The Sunshine's Bright, Mamba’s detective’s instincts kick in while on vacation in London. Famed British airline, SupraAir, has never lost a plane… until it loses one over the Atlantic and almost loses another on takeoff from Gatwick. Scotland Yard, whose focus has been an international conference on terrorism, leaps to the conclusion that terrorists—foreign or domestic—are responsible. Mamba’s not so sure. Follow the Detective through the streets and underground of London to see how he arrives back at Gatwick and proves that sunshine’s brighter than you might think.


The final story, It’s Late at the Estate, is a case that Mamba has agreed to allow the readers to attempt formulation the actual solution to the break-in and assault case of a socialite in an upscale neighborhood. Read the suspects’ statements. Scan the police evidentiary reports. Peruse Mamba’s own lists of evidence. Even compare fingerprints found to those of the suspects. Possible perpetrators include a slinky model, a buff personal trainer, a spurned lover, a frightened maid, and an estranged fiancé. Can you determine “who dun it?”


The chronological time in these mysteries is the Mid-1980s-1990s. If you’re old enough, you know there were: no cell phones; no Internet; no digital media of any kind. (Okay, there is microfilm and microfiche.); computers as sources of information and analysis are still in their infancy. If you aren’t old enough to remember that time, here’s your chance to experience a new reality. Regardless of your age, you’ll soon realize how much you depend on technology in your 21st Century life.


So, open the cover of the Mixer Murder—or open the app on your electronic device—and take a trip back to a time when crimes are solved by following leads and good detective work not by forensic specialists and scientific testing.


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