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Traveler's HOT L - The Time Traveler's Resort

Throughout our lives we dream of traveling into the past to relive an experience or to take the “other fork in the road;” or to the future in search of what’s in store for our loved ones and ourselves. Traveler’s HOT L presents eight unique experiences of regular people (an ex-Army sniper, a former mental patient, a pair of criminals, a private detective, and four others) who travel through time with the help of Time Synchronizers and the Proprietors of the Traveler’s HOT L. Each traveler makes changes to their life—some as planned, others not exactly what was expected. Each chapter relates the story of one time traveler’s attempt to use, or abuse, time travel technology for their benefit, or the benefit of others.

The Observers - A Science Fiction Odyssey

In September 2010, astronomers revealed the “discovery” of a planet, Gliese 581g, with the potential to contain life forms as we know them. It turns out that, eons in the ancient past, telepathic aliens from Gliese 581g appointed themselves caretakers of the Milky Way Galaxy. To keep track of the myriad of actions undertaken to assist other species over the millennia, the Ministry of Observation, Investigation and Intervention sends teams of field agents to planets they have manipulated in the distant past to monitor the success and progress of their meddling. This is the story of the unlikely team of Mxpan, the meticulous planner, and Zerpall, his spontaneous partner, as they tour the galaxy and uncover some surprising results of their ancestral influence.

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INSECTICIDE - A Science Fiction Thriller

The planet Bafwique is split by a meteorite strike. A culture is divided by ideological differences. A people are torn apart by genocide. A government is rent by civil war. These divisions lead to the ultimate rift, separating a planet from its rightful inhabitants. Meticulously researched, with source documents included, INSECTICIDE is a gripping story of an alien planet and its ruthless people’s struggle to prevent annihilation of their species. Action, passion, and heroism abound in this novel that culminates in an ending readers never see coming.

Traveler's HOT L Volume Two - New Tales from the Time Traveler's Resort - 2nd Ed.

In this all-new collection of stories, Author C. R. Downing provides more exploits of Chronos, Eternity, Tempus, and Epoch as they manipulate the fabric of time and those traveling along that fabric.


The 2nd Edition is revised, re-edited, and re-arranged to maximize your time-travel experience.

Reverse Image - A Timeless Tale from The Traveler's HOT L Volume 3

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In this novella, Volume 3 of the Traveler's HOT L series, newlyweds Kaz and Art Castillo find themselves trapped in an anti-parallel universe along with Time Synchronizer, Tempus. You'll meet The Deceiver who captures Art and tries to convince both newlyweds that left if right and up is down. It requires all the skill of Chronos, Eternity, and Rulora with the guidance of Pater, himself to free the trio from the grasp of an entity known by the name of Lucifer.

Patterns on Pages - Secrets of the Sequenced Symbols Traveler's HOT L Volume 4

The Day the Earth Shattered, the catastrophic seismic event is worse than anyone predicted. Eighty percent of humans die from destruction, disease, starvation, and suicide. Civilization is erased. Live the struggle as five alien Time Synchronizers for Earth recruit two illiterate humans from the far future, return them to “this time,” where two teachers begin a long overdue lesson. Can the recruits return and decipher the patterns on pages of books in the NoCal’s only Li’bry and save humanity?

What goes around... - A Saga of Alien Greed, Heroism and Sacrifice This story is #17/20 in Left Hand Publishing's anthology, A World Unimagined. Something about the aliens who've landed on the insignificant planet, Deloqk sounds too good to be true to Captain Gnarnell. She sets out to uncover what she's sure is subterfuge. Is Gnarnell's suspicion justified? If so, do the aliens prevail? Or do the Deloqkites rise to the occasion? What happens to Gnarnell, her troops, and her planet will keep you speculating and turning pages until the end. At just over 10,000 words, "What Goes Around..." is a quick, compelling read.

The Mixer Murder - And Other Detective Case Files

Police Detective Lieutenant, Philp "Dancer" Mamba takes on four cases in this novel. Follow

Phil as he ends his career on the police force and tackles the ins, outs, and dangers of

private investigating. See if you can solve It's Late at the Estate--the last case presented

in a "Who Dun It?" style. Evidence included!










Betrayal in Blue

A convoluted story of false leads and red herrings, The 5th Page is arguably the most influential case

in the resume of former Police Lieutenant, now Private Detective, Phil "Dancer" Mamba.


This case is filled with memorable characters and more than enough danger that could bring an end

to his career and with it the lives of himself and his family.


The challenge is to follow the evidence as it unfolds and out "Mamba" the Detective in his own game.


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In Process

Other Genre

A young shepherd boy visits Jesus in the stable. From that highpoint, over the next thirty-three years, his life spirals downward from his wife’s death in childbirth. He seeks solace in wineskin after wineskin. Finally, when he is certain all hope is lost, a splinter of wood, a small piece of wool, and near encounter with a Man thought dead bring clarity and redemption to Jeremiah and those who love him.

Who Leads the Shepherd? One man's search for the Savior

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In Process


Sir Isaac's Car - And Other Tales of Daring and Disaster

The Adventures of Henry Langdon - Volume 1

Aaron Fremont, Henry Langdon's best friend, relates a series of (mis)adventures by the Best Friends in this series of 9 short stories. Filled with humor, each story connects with the reader in a unique way as what always begins as innocent fun usually ends up as a story that will bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart. If you're between the ages of 10-years and 110-years, this is a book for you!


Idea Farming - A Science Guy's Read on Writing

Where do you get your ideas?

What good is an outline?

What can I do with short stories I’ve written?


Idea Farming is the first in a series of booklets on the processes involved in writing, publishing, promoting, collaborating, and other topics in the area of being a published author. Inside you’ll find the answers to those questions and many more.

Book Creation - Volume #2 - A Science Guy's Exploration of Publishing Resources

"I created this book to save other writers the time I spent learning the ins and outs of self publishing.  It answers questions to make publishing easier,more accessible and a lot less frustrating."  C.R. Downing


Book Creation is the second in this series. This booklet takes you through the quick, easy, ENTIRELY FREE process of publishing your manuscript on Amazon, and how to begin promoting ebook and paperback versions of the book.


NICU - An Insider's Guide


Why can’t I see my baby?

What are all those tubes?

It sounds like their talking a foreign language!


This is a fabulous snapshot of what it is like to have an infant in the NICU. The author has an amazing knack of capturing the very real struggle of a parents experience. There is a delicate balance of emotion & science. NICU is a whole different world with a whole different language. The author does a great job of taking what is scary & foreign for families & puts it into words that make sense & reassure them that what they are experiencing & feeling is normal. As a NICU nurse, I feel this is a great resource for families with infants in the NICU.

Melissa Adamo, NICU Nurse

Tune Up Your Teaching & Turn On Student Learning!

Regardless of the tenure of your teaching experience, you will find both guidance and pearls that will help and motivate you to transform your teaching. Written in a conversational style, Dr. Jurchan and Dr. Downing, using concrete examples in all core areas of how to transform common activities into hotbeds of thinking. To clarify critical points, the authors include “He Said. She Said” dialogs between one another, providing insight into their thought process. This is a map of the change process “with GPS coordinates included.”