Sir Isaac's Car - And Other Tales of Daring and Disaster The Adventures of Henry Langdon - Volume 1

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Henry Langdon and Aaron Fremont are best friends. They've been best friends for a long as they can remember. This book is volume 1 in "The Adventures of Henry Langdon" series.

Aaron narrates all nine of the stories in this volume.


Follow Henry and Aaron through a series of grand plans and schemes... and disasters!


  • In Fair Game, the boys "help" Aaron's mom in pie-baking contest.
  • A Quilted Bee Gathers No Honey finds the duo collecting what's needed to help Henry's mom in a quilting bee.
  • In Meatloaf of the Heart, the boys crash the "All-American Meatloaf Cook-Off Dinner and Dance for Romantic Couples Only."
  • Aaron and Henry are All Camped Out over a weekend with a security system James Bond might admire.
  • Both boys work to rig the local bingo session in Ballistic Bingo.
  • Who wouldn't predict disaster if two boys visited a glass blower? See what really happens in Crystal Clear.
  • Henry misses a key part of the instructions for a science project in Sir Isaac’s Car, the deed that the book is named after.

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  • Henry launches an all-boys club and builds a place to meet in The Clubhouse. Not all the girls think that's a good idea.
  • Quid is a story of how a reputation can be a good thing.