C. R. Downing

What’s happening in my Social Media?


What follows is my weekly Social Media schedule. Check often--you never know when there might be a BONUS post!





Every Monday-Friday


Over 400 tidbits of information on a broad spectrum of science topics to use and share. Most have an active link to more information on the topic. Special weeks include Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas where all five days are related. There are a couple of other “weeks” as well.


Every Monday


52 of my favorite sci-fi and mystery writers are highlighted. An active link is provided for each.


Every Other Monday

#MyBlog Almanac

My blog on a topic of my choice, usually featuring an experience from my teaching career or the story of an event in my life. Humor, insight and pathos abound.


Every Other Tuesday

#MyBlog Authors

Discussion and examples of writing issues, good and bad along with solutions to some pesky problems. For authors of all ages and levels of experience.



An #ABBioQuestion and #APBioAnswer are featured from mid-August through March.

  • A question on a challenging Advanced Placement Biology topic is posted in the AM.
  • A brief answer—with a link to my expanded answer, usually with resources—is posted in the PM.
  • Ideal for college prep --> college general ed bio students!



#TT Throwback Thursday

Features a science fiction or mystery book or short story with a link to that item or the author.


#MyBlog TimelessTruths

I have over 400 sets of sermon notes I’ve taken in the past two decades. With permission from the pastors who delivered the message—if they are still living—I post a “rebirth” of a message each week, including some of my thoughts at the time and now. Every once in a while, I put up one of my own articles or presentations.



#FF Follow Friday

Highlights an author I’ve “discovered” or have some connection with. Guaranteed quality reads at the end of the links.


#MyBlog Expressions of Faith

Short devotional posts I’ve written after personal Bible study/reflection/meditation times. Normally not more than 200 words, they are designed to get me to focus and the reader to think about a specific verse or two.


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