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The first book in a series

“The Bible is very clear and speaks about meditating on His Holy Word. This devotional does exactly that.” from an advanced copy reader

Each of the fifty-two numbered devotionals is designed to keep you focused on depth not distance.

The suggested timeline for each devotional is one week.

I taught high school and college classes full-time for thirty-nine years. I know full well that some of you independent souls will not follow any recommended process.

Ultimately, how you complete this devotional book is less important than completing it. Nevertheless, I hope you’ll give the recommended process a try before you don’t follow it.

I pray that you’ll find new truth and experience a deeper relationship with God as you spend the next fifty-two weeks in the book of Hebrews.

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The second book in this series

Similar in layout but exclusive content from the book of Acts, this volume will keep you focused on what God has for you and your life.

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Something for a teacher of any age

This is a how-to book for teachers of any age and any content area. Short and direct in its presentation with examples galore, this resource will help professors, school teachers, homeschoolers, Sunday school teachers, and parents.

Explore eight key strategies the Master Teacher used in his ministry on Earth.

Ideas and examples fill this book to overflowing!

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